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Moron tries to figure out how sports can survive without fans in the stands

Context: While Covid-9 lockdowns will ease at some point, apparently big crowds will be banned for the foreseeable future*. *Note: Or maybe not, what the heck do I know? My take: So I could get into a whole, does the world really need sports schpeel. Sshpeal. Shpael. hmmm. I know I could use google right…

Moron Musing about Oil Prices dropping to negative $40 a Barrel.

Context(for historical purposes)(in case you didn’t see this in a time frame where you have the foggiest clue what I am even referring to): On April 20th 2020 Oil prices went to negative $40 a barrel. (as in -$40), (as in you not only get free oil, you get $40 per barrel for taking it…

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