Moron tries to figure out how sports can survive without fans in the stands

Context: While Covid-9 lockdowns will ease at some point, apparently big crowds will be banned for the foreseeable future*.

*Note: Or maybe not, what the heck do I know?

My take: So I could get into a whole, does the world really need sports schpeel. Sshpeal. Shpael. hmmm. I know I could use google right now to figure out how that word is supposed to be spelled. If it’s even a word. But if I alt-tab now I might never get back to typing this. That’s how precarious my thoughts are.

Quick Sorry: Sorry about that

Anyhoo: Wait, anyhoo ain’t a real word either? Sorry again! I’m really just trying to get back on point. But brain wants to go on tangent. This is hard… I think my brain is trying to protect my well being, like it thinks no good can come from this sports talk.

Back to my take: Ok, so sports without fans, so we got these giant arenas for what purpose? So we got no ticket revenue, no food and drink revenue, so the owners are basically just splitting up the revenue from tv at that point, and they got merch. Ok, lets just say for the sake of argument that that doesn’t mean the end of sports as we know it. So we’re watching on tv what, a guy scores, in whatever manner whatever sport has, what I mean is the series of things one player, or person, does, that makes an uptick in said team’s, or player’s point totals. You know, all the sports and people’s playing those sports do it differently. I’m running out of breath typing this thought. I’m seriously breathing heavy from what I’m typing. Is hyperventilating from the way one is expressing a thought through the typed word really a thing? Because I think I might be genuinely hyperventilating…

*takes deep breath* Gonna take a moment…

Back to my take: Ok, where was I? Ok, so what I was getting at, there’s no fans to oo, ahhh, woot, and what have you when someone scores. It’s a… -score-… you hear whatever sound leads to a -score-, probably akin to a faint wooshing, or dinging sounds, or no sound at all in the case of a few sports I can think of right now. Then no crowd cheering, or booing, or whatever they are saying that results in a collective inaudible melange sound. I mean, I guess a network could just be “you know, this is awful, lets just ask 10,000 fans to skype us to get that back.” But barring some sort of real good solution we could get audiences getting to the slow realization that: “ohhh…. ohhhh, yeah I just realized I’m looking at the stupidest thing in the world.” Then there goes the ratings revenue along with.

Just a note before someone says it: I like sports… I watch them… I swear… Who wants to watch Real Housewives all day? Not I.

Actually I think I’m done talking. The end? Of sports? I dunno… prolly.

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