Moron Musing about Oil Prices dropping to negative $40 a Barrel.

Context(for historical purposes)(in case you didn’t see this in a time frame where you have the foggiest clue what I am even referring to): On April 20th 2020 Oil prices went to negative $40 a barrel. (as in -$40), (as in you not only get free oil, you get $40 per barrel for taking it off their hands)

My take: I am not sure what this means, other than, probably, oil rich countries are now oil poor? Or they could give a flying crap. What I mean by, I don’t know what this means, is,

Quick Grammar heads up: Aside from trying to correct the wiggly red line that occasionally pops up when I type, I don’t make much of an effort to use good grammar. But I do go over things, so they aren’t completely nonsensical.

Getting back to my take: Ok so I am looking at something that looks like a Oil stock, but it says it’s minus $40. But I’m not sure that is a stock. How on earth do you buy a stock that basically gives you money for owning it. Do I just buy indefinitely until I am a billionaire? No, this can’t be a stock you can buy, just the price per barrel. I don’t know. But forget that, whatever the answer is to that mystifying question. At the very least it’s saying I get a nifty $40 in my pocket, I just end up with a giant barrel of oil I somehow have to store… somewhere, never mind that I’m fairly sure a large barrel won’t fit into my Acura TL, so I got to figure that all out. So we probably got costs coming to us that whittle down the $40. Like we got to ship it, I mean sure I might be able to find someone that has a large enough vehicle, but whatever, I won’t go into a long story about if I might be able to do that, and who they are, and how I can talk them into that sort of thing, I mean I just want to get off the subject. ANYWAYS… so I gotta store this thing right, I mean maybe the wife, and 2 year old daughter can be talked into storing it into our 1 bedroom plus den… but the chance of death from fumes is still on the table right? Now how do you store oil? How much? … oof, too many things to think about. Ok, honestly, the more I think about it, the only real option is to pocket the $40 cash, and just run away as fast as possible from the man with the oil barrel screaming “JUST PUT IT BACK, THANKS FOR THE CASH”… Ok, I’m going to lie down.

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