Moron tries to figure out how sports can survive without fans in the stands

Context: While Covid-9 lockdowns will ease at some point, apparently big crowds will be banned for the foreseeable future*.

*Note: Or maybe not, what the heck do I know?

My take: So I could get into a whole, does the world really need sports schpeel. Sshpeal. Shpael. hmmm. I know I could use google right now to figure out how that word is supposed to be spelled. If it’s even a word. But if I alt-tab now I might never get back to typing this. That’s how precarious my thoughts are.

Quick Sorry: Sorry about that

Anyhoo: Wait, anyhoo ain’t a real word either? Sorry again! I’m really just trying to get back on point. But brain wants to go on tangent. This is hard… I think my brain is trying to protect my well being, like it thinks no good can come from this sports talk.

Back to my take: Ok, so sports without fans, so we got these giant arenas for what purpose? So we got no ticket revenue, no food and drink revenue, so the owners are basically just splitting up the revenue from tv at that point, and they got merch. Ok, lets just say for the sake of argument that that doesn’t mean the end of sports as we know it. So we’re watching on tv what, a guy scores, in whatever manner whatever sport has, what I mean is the series of things one player, or person, does, that makes an uptick in said team’s, or player’s point totals. You know, all the sports and people’s playing those sports do it differently. I’m running out of breath typing this thought. I’m seriously breathing heavy from what I’m typing. Is hyperventilating from the way one is expressing a thought through the typed word really a thing? Because I think I might be genuinely hyperventilating…

*takes deep breath* Gonna take a moment…

Back to my take: Ok, where was I? Ok, so what I was getting at, there’s no fans to oo, ahhh, woot, and what have you when someone scores. It’s a… -score-… you hear whatever sound leads to a -score-, probably akin to a faint wooshing, or dinging sounds, or no sound at all in the case of a few sports I can think of right now. Then no crowd cheering, or booing, or whatever they are saying that results in a collective inaudible melange sound. I mean, I guess a network could just be “you know, this is awful, lets just ask 10,000 fans to skype us to get that back.” But barring some sort of real good solution we could get audiences getting to the slow realization that: “ohhh…. ohhhh, yeah I just realized I’m looking at the stupidest thing in the world.” Then there goes the ratings revenue along with.

Just a note before someone says it: I like sports… I watch them… I swear… Who wants to watch Real Housewives all day? Not I.

Actually I think I’m done talking. The end? Of sports? I dunno… prolly.

Moron tries to write book, even though he doesn’t know how to string a coherent sentence together.

Context: Even though I have a career as a real estate agent, the corona virus(COVID-19) does make you think about how to branch out. Anyways, I’ve always thought about writing a book… also just as an aside, I have a hankering for a grilled cheese sandwich right now, but that’s neither here nor there. Sorry for asiding… oof, the red wavy line says asiding isn’t a real word, but the suggested words aren’t helpful… I’ll just leave as is, k?

My take: My first thought when I actually tried to write a book was to write a bit of fiction. I’ve always had a superhero first person idea, which maybe I’ll write one day, I don’t know how to explain the story without basically writing all 200 pages of it right now, so I’ll spare you that(quick synopsis is every random thought in his head just happens, often very dangerously). But the immediate thought went through my head that I BARELY passed English class in high school, how on earth does someone write a whole novel that isn’t downright painful for the reader to read. Are there top writers doing this already? That they just hand the thing to an editor and suddenly they turn from linguistic dolt to linguistic… not dolt. Who knows. Anyways, but I still want to write a book, darnit. Honestly the world is my oyster in terms of options. You are currently witnessing one of my ideas. The book will of course be named “The Musings of a Moron”. And you are on the very early journey of said journey. Bear with me. As if said book does indeed come out, it’s a ways away. Join me in this journey, for I have no idea where it will take me or what the heck I am doing. I mean look how long this paragraph is. This can’t possibly be how you write something. Why is it going on so long? Have you stopped reading ages ago, or did a quick “glance” at the formatting and said “thanks, but no thanks”. You did, didn’t you? I’m talking to air… aren’t I?… …

Moron Musing about Oil Prices dropping to negative $40 a Barrel.

Context(for historical purposes)(in case you didn’t see this in a time frame where you have the foggiest clue what I am even referring to): On April 20th 2020 Oil prices went to negative $40 a barrel. (as in -$40), (as in you not only get free oil, you get $40 per barrel for taking it off their hands)

My take: I am not sure what this means, other than, probably, oil rich countries are now oil poor? Or they could give a flying crap. What I mean by, I don’t know what this means, is,

Quick Grammar heads up: Aside from trying to correct the wiggly red line that occasionally pops up when I type, I don’t make much of an effort to use good grammar. But I do go over things, so they aren’t completely nonsensical.

Getting back to my take: Ok so I am looking at something that looks like a Oil stock, but it says it’s minus $40. But I’m not sure that is a stock. How on earth do you buy a stock that basically gives you money for owning it. Do I just buy indefinitely until I am a billionaire? No, this can’t be a stock you can buy, just the price per barrel. I don’t know. But forget that, whatever the answer is to that mystifying question. At the very least it’s saying I get a nifty $40 in my pocket, I just end up with a giant barrel of oil I somehow have to store… somewhere, never mind that I’m fairly sure a large barrel won’t fit into my Acura TL, so I got to figure that all out. So we probably got costs coming to us that whittle down the $40. Like we got to ship it, I mean sure I might be able to find someone that has a large enough vehicle, but whatever, I won’t go into a long story about if I might be able to do that, and who they are, and how I can talk them into that sort of thing, I mean I just want to get off the subject. ANYWAYS… so I gotta store this thing right, I mean maybe the wife, and 2 year old daughter can be talked into storing it into our 1 bedroom plus den… but the chance of death from fumes is still on the table right? Now how do you store oil? How much? … oof, too many things to think about. Ok, honestly, the more I think about it, the only real option is to pocket the $40 cash, and just run away as fast as possible from the man with the oil barrel screaming “JUST PUT IT BACK, THANKS FOR THE CASH”… Ok, I’m going to lie down.